Product Description

Fish fillets (no whole fish) chosen from:

Hake, Cod, Red Bream, Organic salmon, Rainbow Trout, Pollack, Smoked Haddock (naturally oak smoked NOT DYED), Haddock and Plaice

  • we choose the best quality, seasonal fish of the day from this selection
  • you tell us if you do not want any of these fish in your box in ‘Preparation Instructions’ box
  • tell us how you would like your fish packed (eg 2 portions each of 6 types of fish, 3 portions each of 4 types of fish etc.)
  • we prepare your fish in 180g portions +/- 5%
  • we pack it in labelled freezer bags in chilled, insulated boxes
  • we deliver it to your doorstep complete with a recipe
  • Note: your fish is delivered fresh not frozen, trimmed and boned BEFORE it is weighed so you do not pay for any waste

Image  6 meals for 2