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(can also use haddock or hake)

Ingredients serves 4:

4 × 300g cod portions skinned and boned
4 Shallots finely sliced
50g anchovy fillets
150ml fish stock
500 ml milk
200ml double cream
chopped parsley
50g plain flour
50g butter
salt and pepper


1. place the Shallots and anchovies on the bottom of a pan or deep baking tray
2. . Put the fish on top and season with salt and pepper.
3. Pour in the fish stock and milk and cover with a lid or tinfoil. Place over a low heat and
gently simmer until the fish is cooked through. The fish should look white, feel firm and flake up when touched.
4. Remove the fish and keep it warm.

To make the Source
1. put the milk back onto the heat and add the cream.
2. Mix the butter and flour together
3. When the milk is hot mix in the flour paste
4. Slowly bring to the boil and Simmer for one minute
5. Add. chopped parsley and season to taste.

Serve with fresh vegetables and potatoes of choice.

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