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With Monkfish being so highly rated why not use it to replace the lobster. Based on the famous Lobster dish this is can be prepared ahead of time with the cooked fish placed in the heatproof dish, ready for the sauce to be added prior to the final heating under the grill.

Be generous and allow 200-250g of fish per person.


Serves 4


1kg Monkfish fillet cut into 2.5-3cm cubes (approximately)

Well-seasoned plain flour (flour with salt and freshly ground black pepper added)

Olive or rapeseed oil for frying.

200g-grated cave aged Emmental or Gruyére cheese

2-tablespoon good Dijon mustard

The Béchamel sauce

400-ml Milk

4 tablespoons plain flour

50g Butter

About 1/8 of nutmeg freshly grated (or to taste)

8 tablespoons double cream

Salt and freshly ground black pepper if required


Roll the pieces of monkfish in the seasoned flour until fully covered; fry these gently in olive oil a few pieces at a time, turning them over until all sides are lightly browned – try not to overcook the fish, keep warm in a flat heatproof dish until all the fish is cooked. (Allow them to cool if you wish to assemble the dish later). To make the sauce, pour the milk into a non-stick saucepan and whisk in the flour until it is thoroughly blended. Add the butter and bring gently to the boil, whisking every minute. When it has thickened and is just bubbling, turn the heat right down and whisk thoroughly until you have a smooth texture, add the nutmeg and double cream and then stir in the Dijon mustard. Taste for seasoning and add a little salt and pepper if preferred.

Pour this sauce over the cooked fish in the heatproof gratin dish, sprinkle with the grated cheese and put under a pre-heated grill for 5-10 minutes until the sauce bubbles and the cheese has melted. Serve with lemon and saffron rice (or mashed potato) and plenty of crusty French bread, a green salad either with or to follow is recommended.

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