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Poached Turbot

Poached turbot fillets (can be Brill or Plaice) Ingredients 4 × 300g Turbot 500 ml fish stock 200 ml double cream 75g capers -drained and squeezed 75g gherkins 50g anchovies 30g chopped parsley 2 Shallots finely Sliced Method: 1. Heat the fish stock and shallots in a pan and gently poach the fish 2. Remove [...]

Poached Cod with Parsley Sauce

Poached Cod with Parsley Sauce (can also use haddock or hake) Ingredients serves 4: 4 × 300g cod portions skinned and boned 4 Shallots finely sliced 50g anchovy fillets 150ml fish stock 500 ml milk 200ml double cream chopped parsley 50g plain flour 50g butter salt and pepper Method: 1. place the Shallots and anchovies [...]

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