About Fish In A Box

Family Run Fish Delivery Business

Fish in a box is run by a small but dedicated team. Our fishmongers have over 50 years experience and knowledge that we believe set us ahead of our competitors. We source our fish from all u.k ports which means we have the means of supplying the best quality fish from all over. Our buyers buy direct from the docks everyday, providing a quality, sustainable, consistent product. There are one or two exceptions because there are a few fish we stock that you will never find in our waters such as Tuna so we fly that in. All our fish is shipped to us

by the next morning and prepared to your specification in our cold storage rooms. Your order is then packed into insulated boxes surrounded with flaked ice. No matter where you are, if you have a U.K mainland address we can send your order overnight so you can enjoy the freshest variety of fish we have to offer.

Sometimes you need something very specific that may not be on our website. Why don’t you get in touch and ask us to source the seafood you are looking for? We deal with all the U.K fishing ports and some in more exotic fishing waters so we can usually find what you need and we enjoy a challenge to help our customers.